Troubleshooting Web Applications Deployed with CapRover in Docker Containers

Jump into the terminal of a CapRover app named testapp. Use Ctrl + P, then Ctrl + Q to exit that terminal without killing the container.

docker exec -it $(docker ps --filter name=srv-captain--testapp -q) bash

Logs of the deployed application (–follow keeps retrieving the latest events):

docker service logs srv-captain--my-app --since 60m --follow

CapRover logs:

docker service logs captain-captain --since 60m --follow

Logs for Docker itself (if your application keeps getting respawned in new containers, the answer may be in here):

systemctl status -l docker

See nginx records:

docker service ps captain-nginx --no-trunc

Restart CapRover:

docker service update captain-captain --force

Restart Docker

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl restart docker